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Print Amazon tab: Print the corresponding label for each product as required by Amazon FBA barcode content

Post-it tags: According to Amazon FBA warehousing requirements, each product is labeled with the appropriate barcode

Binning: According to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA inbound products, sorting by box packaging

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Enterprise Cloud Warehouse Introduction

UUch Enterprise Cloud Warehouse is a new warehousing service model specially designed for export-oriented e-commerce and based on Internet management. Customers will put the goods into the cloud warehouse in batches. UUch directly sorts and packs and orders from the cloud warehouse according to the sales order. Single, shipping and distribution. UUch Enterprise Cloud Warehouse is a comprehensive supply chain service integrating warehouse management, international transportation, overseas customs clearance and information management. It can help customers break through the bottleneck of warehouse logistics, save costs, improve customer satisfaction and expand overseas markets.

What can an enterprise cloud warehouse do?

  • On-demand storage space to help you avoid the vacant warehouses in the off-season and the troubles of warehouses in the peak season.
  • Freely used API to effectively manage warehouse information, product information, order information, and logistics information.
  • 30%-40% higher operating efficiency than the peers, low error rate, perfect user experience.
  • The biggest discount on international logistics costs helps you save on logistics costs.
  • On behalf of delivery, sorting and packaging, single order, saving labor costs.
  • Safely and quickly complete customs clearance, ensure package security and shorten order cycle.
01.Whole batch of warehousing, distributed by order
02.One stop docking Taobao, Jingdong multi-shopping platform
03.Order information intelligent batch import
04.The same single number at home and abroad
05.Export-oriented e-commerce company or individual

Service mode

API Integration

Order processing

Order tracking

Suitable for customers

01.Whole or intruding
02.Personal cloud warehouse
03.Parcel manual pre-storage or purchase warehousing
04.Two orders before and after the warehouse
05.An individual who mails Chinese online shopping goods or personal items overseas

Enterprise cloud warehouse service process

Buyer order Order import
API Integration Domestic receipt Goods storage Sorting and packing International Air Transport Overseas customs clearance Overseas distribution Goods receipt

International logistics line

With the domestic cloud warehouse as the center, it is free to choose from a number of export routes around the world.
Through the UUch warehouse, you can enjoy DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, postal parcels and other prices as low as 30 to 50%, international express delivery is no longer high.

DHL is the world leader in express delivery, intercontinental transportation and air cargo. Youqi is the first agent of Hong Kong DHL Express in China. The price is reasonable and the delivery is fast. It is your preferred international express delivery service.
DHL is the world leader in express delivery, intercontinental transportation and air cargo. UUch is the first agent of Hong Kong DHL Express in China. The price is reasonable and the delivery is fast. It is your preferred international express delivery service.
Covering China Post EMS, Hongkong Post EMS, Singapore Post EMS, the network has more than 210 destinations all over the world, high efficiency, steady and thoughtful, and strong customs clearance ability. UUch is an agent in each EMS China region. .
UUch united Hong Kong parcel, Singapore parcel, Swiss parcel, Swedish parcel, China Post parcel, Malaysia parcel launched parcel delivery service, the network is large, safe and convenient, low price, providing e-commerce customers with value-for-money courier services.
Fedex provides fast and reliable delivery services to more than 235 countries and regions around the world. FedEx has a global airline and land transport network that provides customers with an economic price (IE) and priority delivery (IP)
The Dutch-based TNT Group employs more than 143,000 people in more than 60 countries around the world, providing postal, express and logistics services to customers in more than 200 countries.
Including China Post Big Bag and Hongkong Post Big Bag, with absolute price advantage, it is relatively convenient to deliver, can reach all over the world, suitable for goods with less timeliness and heavier weight, minimize cost and enhance price competitiveness.
Including Hong Kong E-mail treasure, US E-mail treasure, Australia E-mail treasure, British E-mail treasure, Canada E-mail treasure, is China Post's international express delivery service tailored to international e-commerce sellers, the system is in line with the international e-commerce platform, More convenient and faster.
Aramex is the world's leading integrated logistics solution provider with a global express delivery service for the Middle East. It employs more than 8,100 people in more than 310 locations around the world, and has a strong alliance network to provide international transportation.
  • China-Australia line
  • China-Russian line
  • China-US line
  • European line
  • Aramex line

Dedicated line introduction

The China-Australia special line is an international express delivery service that allows us to develop Shenzhen Express to Australia by utilizing Australia's local freight resources. This service is limited to postal parcels sent to Australia. The normal delivery time of the China-Australia special line is 1-5 working days after customs clearance (the area of Australia is large), which is faster than express delivery services such as EMS. It is suitable for transporting light and small items with high value and timeliness.

Dedicated line advantage

1. Price advantage - Australia special line freight is low, no remote additional charges;
                 2, speed advantage - Australia line can be delivered to the recipient in 2-3 business days after customs clearance;
                 3, full tracking - after the order is issued, you can check the tracking of the whole process on the official website;
                 4. Value-added services - returning arrangement services;
                 5, the first weight is low - Australia's private line billing method is different from other courier methods, the first weight is 0.5, the minimum charge is 73 yuan, the continuous weight is separated by 0.1KG and 0.5KG, flexible processing。

Time limit

5-8 working days

Dedicated line introductio

The Sino-Russian line is a new type of Chinese-Russian new e-commerce transportation channel developed by Yuqi and Russia Post. A large part of the opening of the Sino-Russian line was due to the current postal congestion of the Russian Post, which seriously affected the transportation of the international e-commerce Russian market. At present, the Sino-Russian dedicated channel has been opened and is being widely received.

Dedicated line advantage

1. The advantage of customs clearance, UUch Post cooperates with Russian Post, and customs clearance is more convenient. Unlike the local express clearance of other freight forwarding Sino-Russian lines, the Sino-Russian line is cleared by post, and the customs clearance time is as fast as 2 hours.
                2, the advantage of timeliness, the Russian Customs has a global back to the Russian postal goods over 500 tons of backlog and waiting for customs clearance, of which China Post goods about 170 tons, sent to Russia through normal channels, the delivery time is greatly extended. Sino-Russian private channel, imported from the Russian Far East, began to be dispatched from the Russian Far East, avoiding the entry into the Moscow Post Transit Center in Russia, greatly improving the delivery time, online time: we receive the goods within 7-15 days to access the Internet, send after the Internet The time is: 7-15 days. Far East 10 district delivery is shorter, only 10-18 working days.
                3. The cargo restrictions are low, and the Russian-special channel can be transported except for the contraband items stipulated by the air transport order and the products prohibited by China Post Customs.
                4, price advantage, Sino-Russian line, compared with the high price of other special lines, the price of the Qiqi Sino-Russian line is more advantageous, suitable for contraband in addition to weapons, drugs, flammable and explosive and other obvious national regulations.

Time limit

7—15 work days

(Remarks: The packaged goods are based on the principle of self-use, and the single variety does not exceed 3 to 5, which complies with the relevant regulations of the Chinese and Russian customs, quarantine and other departments. Parcel value: the total value of the packaged goods does not exceed 1000 Euros.)

Dedicated line introduction

The Sino-US special line provides direct mail service from China to the United States. Since the official launch of the Uchi line, it has been warmly welcomed by customers from Shenzhen to the United States. Considering that our customers are mainly small bags and in response to customer requirements, our company has jointly launched DHL to launch a new Sino-US line. The Sino-US special line is the joint service of U.S. Post and DHL to launch the Sino-US special line service to meet customers' requirements for price, timeliness and service. It is transported by DHL to the United States, using the US Postal Network for commercial clearance.

Dedicated line advantage

1, time guarantee.                  The transportation flight and operation process using DHL express delivery is controlled between 1-3 days from receipt of goods to flight to the United States (except in special cases). After arriving in the United States, it is dispatched by the US Postal Service. The difference between transportation time and commercial express delivery time is not Big;
                 2, the price is economical, the odd price is in line with the postal parcel, but the timeliness is on par with the commercial express, the price is very high.
                 3. Full-time online tracking, the whole process can be queried at www.usps.com, and the delivery information can be viewed in real time;
                 4. Committed to raising the transportation score of Ebay AliExpress to DSRs to 4.8 or above;
                 5, committed to the realization of Eaby's "top-rated-seller" road;
                 6, Sino-US special line for you to change the location of the goods, to achieve the US domestic delivery service.

Time limit

4—10 work days

Dedicated line introduction

The European line is a quality international delivery service carefully created by UUch. The service not only focuses on the delivery of small and medium parcels in major European countries, but also travels in North America and Australia. Compared with international express delivery, it is faster than EMS, and it is safer than postal parcels. It can provide European special line inquiry and preferential European special price service. In addition, you can also go to the United States, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Dedicated line advantage

1, affordable, suitable for small and medium-sized items mailing.
                 2, easy to operate, the calculation price is simple.
                 3, a wide range, can go to Europe and the United States, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Time limit

5—10 work days

Dedicated line introduction

The Aramex line is also known as the Middle East line. Aramex was founded in 1982. Aramex door-to-door international express delivery has an absolute advantage in customs clearance in the Middle East. At present, Aramex has more than 12,000 points of network, 33,000 vehicles and more than 66,000 employees, serving more than 240 different countries, 310 different locations, and serving the world. The Aramex line is a high-quality Middle East international courier service launched by Uchi and Aramex. It provides Middle East special enquiries and preferential Middle East line prices.

Dedicated line advantage

The Aramex line is the first choice for international express delivery logistics in the Middle East. The timeliness is very guaranteed. The normal aging time is 3 working days, and the general time is 3-5 days. The main advantage lies in more than 20 countries such as the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.
                 1. Freight price advantage: The price sent to the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and other countries has a significant advantage, which is about 60% of DHL;
                 2, the advantage of timeliness: the aging is guaranteed, the delivery can be delivered within 3 to 5 days after the parcel is sent, which greatly shortens the commercial distance between countries in the world;
                 3. Unbiased advantages: countries around the world are not remote, and there is no need to add remote fees to countries around the world;
                 4, the package can be tracked on the Aramex official website, the status updates the information in real time, the sender keeps track of the latest developments of the package every moment.

Time limit

5—10 work days

UUch smart API intro

It is independently developed by UUch. Based on cross-border business solutions, it can realize one-stop real-time seamless connection with Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other shopping platforms. It provides customers with free product product information, warehouse management, order information, Logistics information and tariff calculation are equal to one information system. It has the characteristics of order synchronization, order batch import, inventory remote management, and full control of logistics.

How to use the API system

Sign up at UUch
Enterprise Cloud Warehouse

Open user center
Apply API service, get the key

Get data interface of API
Find someone to guide

What is an enterprise cloud repository?
UUch Enterprise Cloud Warehouse is a new warehousing service model specially designed for export-oriented e-commerce and based on Internet management. It can provide one-stop supply for foreign trade e-commerce, such as warehousing, sorting and packaging, billing, international logistics and overseas distribution. Chain, you can enjoy ultra-low international shipping costs. Help customers break through the bottleneck of warehousing logistics, save costs, improve customer satisfaction, and expand overseas markets.
Which customers are suitable for enterprise cloud warehouses?
Enterprises, businesses, individuals engaged in export-oriented cross-border e-commerce
What is the operating mode of the enterprise cloud warehouse?
The customer said that the goods are stored in bulk in our cloud warehouse. After the buyer places the order, the customer will import the order into the system through the API. The cloud warehouse sorts and packs according to the order information, and the order is posted. The package is delivered to the whole world through international air transportation. .
What are the advantages of UUch Enterprise Cloud Warehouse?
UUch Cloud Warehouse can not only help cross-border e-commerce to store goods, but also provide one-stop services such as professional sorting and packaging. It has high level of fine operation, low error rate and high operating efficiency.%-40%,可避免旺季仓储物流不畅。费用低、时效高、智能化,是跨境电商的理想选择。
What is the difference between enterprise cloud warehouse and personal cloud warehouse?
The Enterprise Cloud Warehouse is a one-stop supply chain service for e-commerce companies and merchants that sell goods from China to overseas. It adopts a holistic service model; the personal cloud warehouse is specially designed to mail China online shopping goods or personal items overseas. Personally designed service. For details, please refer to the service introduction.
How to use an enterprise cloud repository
Register the UUch Enterprise Cloud Warehouse, obtain the exclusive warehouse address, and send the goods to your cloud warehouse. At the same time, UUch will send someone to guide the API docking. After you import the order through the API, UUch can sort and pack according to your order. And distribute the package to all parts of the world.